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Whimsical Watercolor Sunrise Styled Beach and Boardwalk Shoot | Amy

August 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Wanna talk about a rockstar? My little sister absolutely kills it. I convinced her to fly home from Texas Tuesday night and first thing Wednesday am she was on a plane on her way. Her whole trip home so far she has dedicated to Cecilia and I. She's been helping me with C constantly while I run from beach to beach, busy with photo shoots. While I tend to edit mostly late at night, when I do have some time during the day ,she does what she can to occupy C so I can "try" and focus.. and that alone is exhausting haha. You know you have the best sister in the world when you're able to sneak in a mid-day power nap and wake up to Chef Hottsauce handing you a kombucha while simultaneously cooking you a turkey burger and asparagus to refuel. There's not much I can do to thank her for this surprise trip home... but I did try and return the kindness in my own way: obnoxiously, I ripped her out of a dead sleep at 5am... threw one of my dresses in her direction and ordered her hurry up and get in the car - she could change on our way. I wasn't lying when I said I needed her help taking a few test shots. But she also didn't know that as much as the shoot was for me.. it was also very much for her. I visioned her in my purple dress, dancing along the ocean at sunrise.. and oh my goodness - she couldn't have looked prettier. Want to know why I love photography so much? Because it captures beauty, love, emotion and most of all, memories - allowing you to reflect on that exact moment, forever. It'll be a morning I never forget and hopefully neither do you. You're a beautiful soul, sistuu. Thank you for all that you do, but most of all for being you


xx Jacky


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